Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Neurological Issue?

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I keep getting "twitches" in various parts of my body. I mean tiny flutters of muscle contractions. No real pain or even discomfort and they last about 1 - 3 seconds, with intervals of anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours. Then I may go a few days with nothing. But it has been going on for months and it seems to be moving around my body. Upper lip for 2 weeks, inner ear for 3 days (most annoying it it like someone doing a soft drum-roll in your ear), eyelash for a day, scalp for 1 week, a different part of the scalp for another week, right hand for 5 days, etc.
Just kinda weird. What is it? Anything to be concerned about? Especially since it seems to cover my whole body, but just 1 location at a time.
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Well, pardon the strange format here but we are working on a new way to answer questions and we will figure it out. 

Sir, the condition you are talking about is most likely MYOCLONUS, and you can read about by clicking on the link preceding.  

As you can see, this condition, if I am correct about what you have based on this history alone, is almost always benign and rarely is a sign of a central neurological disorder. 

Multpile sclerosis can have different neurological symptoms over time but muscle twitching and jerking, especially the very short acting bouts you seem to be having, is NOT typical for Multiple sclerosis. 

However, if your symptoms persists or worsen over the period of the next few months getting in with a Neurologist would be a good idea. I don't think you need to do that now. The rest of your history, your age, and your problem do not lead me to think of any dread diagnosis. Thanks for your question and please come back anytime.
Do I have some whole body problem, disguised as local tremors?
Is this something I need to worry about now?
Is this some thing that will get worse over time

1 comment:

DOC 3 said...

I agree with Doc1. In my experience these myclonic "spasms" or jerking episodes are almost always benign. Also, the exact cause is very difficult to diagnose and are usually not the result of chemical embalances (potassium, etc.). If they persist, become longer in duration, or localize to one area of the body, neurologic consultation is warranted.