Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Vanishing Penis?

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DOC1 said...

Have you had your thryroid and testosterone levels checked? If not, this would be a good idea. If you have had children then you may take some comfort in that fact as you are unlikely to have a serious endocrine or genetic disorder, but if not, and if you have not gained a lot of weight over the last year or two then a complete evlautaion by your doctor to rule out HYPOGONADISM and similar endocrine disorders is absolutely nedessary. I just now saw your question and we will responde more fully shortly, but, off the cuff, I would bet that you have had a significant weight gain recently. If you are able, please responde to these questions and that will help us to get to the nub of this problem.

DOC1 said...

This link here is pretty well done.

Isn't the internet amazing?

Weight gain and putting on fat around the pelvis is almost certainly the cause.