Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Solar Plexus Pain


I got over bronchitis 3 weeks ago, then the week after that I got allergies and had bad post nasal drip. Upon waking in the mornings I had very hard coughing,sometimes bending over slightly and straining, to remove the muscus in my lungs that drained there the night before. After a couple days of this I felt a stinging senstation in my solar plexus directly under my breast bone where the tiny solar plexus bump is. A couple days after that it turned to a dull pain, it has eased off for a day or 2  but at times that dull pain returns somewhat with a slight tight feeling there at times and some burping. Please Advise
Thank you

Gender: Male
How tall are you (feet and inches)?: 5ft 8in
What is your weight in pounds?: 137
How old are you?: 58
How long has this been going on?: A few days
Check all symptoms you are currently experiencing: None of these
Describe associated symptoms not listed above: Only symptoms I have I have stated in my question section.

What have you done so far to remedy this condition? Please include tests and relevant studies here.  Drinking Chamomile tea and eating ginger root.

Check all conditions present in your immediate family... : Asthma / Lung Problems

Please list any medication allergies that you have : None
Please list any medications you are currently taking (and dosage if known) :: None
When was your last menstrual cycle?: Now
Are you currently using or do you have a history of tobacco use?: Yes
Are you currently using or do you have a history of illegal drug use?: No
Please describe your alcohol consumption :: Rarely

So that we can serve you best, please try to tell us your top three things you wish to be addressed in our response.

Possible cause of the pain I am having in my solar plexus at the solar plexus bump.


From what you are saying it is likely that you have a gastritis or irritation of the stomach. Some over the counter remedies like Tums or Rolaids may help. However, and this is very important, it is also possible that these symptoms could indicate a pneumonia or even a heart problem. Given your history of tobacco use and your age and your symptoms you, at least, need to get an EKG (tracing of the heart) and a chest Xray. Please do get with your doctor or get to an urgent care or an ER as soon as you can, particularly if you experience an increase in pain, shortness of breath, or nausea.



Anonymous said...

I am the original poster of this question.
About the middle of January of this year I had and EKG, Chest X-rays, CT heart scan and blood test done, The doctor said all tests shsowed my heart was ok. I have norman blood pressure, usually about 117/75, my resting heart rate is about 68, but I am not sure of my active heart rate. Thought this may be helpful as I forgot to mention these in my orginal posting of the question

MDSTAT_ER_DOC_1 said...

The above tests are useful in saying your heart is PROBABLY okay, but the cardiac CT does not yet approach the accuracy or a stress test when assessing do wary disease. Again, base on your symptoms I think this is unlikely to be your heart, but if I were to see you in my office or the ER I would get a chest X-ray and an EKG on you and, based on my exam an the results of these tests would then hope to get a better idea of a likely cause. Abdominal pain and chest pain are notoriously difficult to diagnose correctly, hence the need for tests. Pain from the stomach can be felt in the chest and vice versa. Your best bet is to have your doctor see you WHILE you are having these symptoms.

space doc said...

Dear Solar Plexus pain:

I agree with Med Doc 1 that this is not easy to diagnose.

Despite the fact that your tests in Januaey were ok it still possible that you might have something going on with either heart or lungs.

After a heavy coughing episode it is also possible that you may have caused a little leak in the lung tissue (pneuothorax or pneumomediastinum) that cause some air to leak out and can cause chest pain that can mimic a heart attack.

There are abdominal muscles that attach to the area around the solar plexus '"bump" (called the xiphoid process--a normal piece of cartilage) and lt is also possible youl could have strained these muscles with the coughing.

A small pneumothorax or pneuomediastinum will heal itself if the coughing slows down, but it still should be checked with your doctor.

For the future it would be VERY important to get off of the cigarettes--I'm sure you've heard that advice before.

Good luck! We'd love to hear how this turns out---hope it will be all for the better!

Space Doc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice given me here. I took the advice of MDSTAT_ER_DOC_1 and went to the ER. The attending doctor stated that EKG, X-Ray, Blood tests all looked good. Said the lungs showed no signs of pnuemonia and he felt it was a low chance it was heart related but suggested I have a stress test as soon as I can since I am a smoker and my files show a family history of some heart problems and such.
Again I thank you both for the advice you have given me. I will try to give a follow up as soon as I have completed the stress test.

space Doc said...

Sounds good so far!---Thanks for the follow up information. Keep us posted and continued good luck!

Space Doc.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from cadiologist. The cardiologist stated the EKG done today and his personal examination of me all seemed fine and he thought I just had a pulled muscle in that area. But he does want me to have cholesterol blood test before I take the treadmill stress test.
I will give an update as soon as they set up my stress test and I get the results.

space doc said...

Again thanks for the follow-up.

Hope the cholesterol will be o.k.--Im sure he'll give you the total cholesterol and the HDL portion (the "good " cholesterol) as well as the "bad" LDL portion " ' The cigarettes tend to lower the good HDL so keep working on the smoking.

Look forward to hearing the stress test results.

Best of luck!!

Space Doc

Anonymous said...

I have had a very similar problem an d cant seem to find any information.

I dont have any coughing but usually it starts at about 4 in the morning my mouth starts filling up with thick sticky clear mucus along with chest pain in my solar plexus area and a crushing pain in my throat. Sometimes the feeling is similar to my mouth filling up before I vomit but this happens non stop for hours.
The only thing I've noticed that might cause it is excessive smoking the previous day.
I really hope you can share if you find something out.

Anonymous said...

Had my teadmill stress test today. Cardiologist said it looked fine. But since I am a smoker, had 2 uncles that died of heart attack and my Cholesterol was 130 he wanted me to lower my cholesterol to 100 or under, stop smoking and exercie more for my future health of my heart etc.

Thank You all again for your recommendations and advice.

Anonymous said...

Had my treadmill stress test today. The cardiologist said it looked fine. But since my cholesterol was 130, had 2 uncles that died of heart attack and I am a smoker he wanted me to lower my cholesterol to 100 or under, stop smoking, and exercise more for my future heart health etc.

Thank you all again for the advice you have given me here.

space doc said...

Thanks so much, again, for the update.

Sounds like a lot of good news!

I hope the severe coughing and the pain in the solar plexus have subsided.

I hope you will be able to win the battle with the cigarettes---it may be tough, but it is SO important!

I am curious to know if the cigarettes had lowered the "good" HDL cholesterol level since the total level of 130 is not too bad. Did you have to get on one of the "statin" cholesterol-lowering medications? (for example Crestor or one of the other in that family of statins.)

Keep up the good work and make the next 50 years good ones!

All our best!! Space Doc